Style Remix: Pink Dress




My sweater was a $10 Kohl’s clearance find and my Forever 21 dress was only $15 dollars! First off, $15 is a steal for a dress. And the fact that it can double as a sheer and flirty maxi well…that’s pretty awesome in my book.

I hope these remixes help you get the most out of your wardrobe. Is there a dress in your closet that you can try this with?




Mustard Pants

IMG_1378 IMG_1403 IMG_1424Express Mustard Pants from: Similar| Express Burgundy Flats: Similar| Urban Outfitters Lace Top: Same | Forever 21 Blazer: Same

My pants are amazing! I promised myself that this year I wouldn’t buy things just because they were on sale and I kinda liked them. If something fits comfortably and I really like it than it can be added to my wardrobe, if not I have to walk away.

Last month I bought a pair of wedges for $15, I was so in love with the price that I ended up with a painful pair of shoes that I’ll probably never wear again. It’s the perfect time to start over and as a fashion blogger, I have to admit that there are a lot of new rules I’m setting for myself.

What style, shopping and fashion resolutions do you have this year?



Little Cross Sweater

IMG_0073 IMG_0086 IMG_0098 IMG_0113Top: F21 Blue Cross Sweater & F21 Sequin Collar Button Up Jeans: Ross Shoes: Steve Madden Flats (Similar)

I am so happy I bought a sequin collar shirt from F21. It adds a pop of glamour to both of my new sweaters and I can wear it alone. Definitely well worth the $18 I spent on it.

This cross sweater is the first of its kind in my wardrobe. I think the cross trend is really cute with just the right hint of edginess. I hope to add more pieces to my collection soon. Do you guys like the trend? I also love that this outfit looks chic but feels really comfy. Major win! What’s your most comfy but chic outfit?



Bandana Girl

Jessica Simpson Top: Similar| Forever 21Jean Shorts: Similar| Steve Madden Gold flats: Similar

I put this slightly edgy yet simple ensemble together because I love experimenting and trying new looks! It makes it a lot easier to define your personal style because you start to realize what works for you and what you love…or hate. I think this outfit would work well for a desert music show but it’s definitely not a staple look in my wardrobe. As of right now I’d define my style as classic and romantic with a little sprinkle of daring and sexy.

How would you define your style?