OOTD: Shirt Dress

OOTDCasualI had envisioned wearing this shirt dress with knee high sweater socks, boots, and a scarf but since it warmed up this weekend I had to switch things up a bit. I know everyone is saying this but I too am ready for Fall! I want to wear sweaters and boots and all things warm and cozy!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Let me know if you need outfit ideas for anything :)


ShirtDressJoie Soft Dress: Splurge or Save| Shoes: Joie Day Dreaming Flats  or Save|Express Belt: Similar


Tommy Hilfiger Event

Tommy Hilfiger SurfMy first official blogger event! I was beyond excited when I was invited to the Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack blogger preview. I’ve been working on a web project most weekends so it was nice to have a little break and head to the beach.

I love that they decided to show this collection via traveling bus! Preppy + beachy isn’t the most common combination but they work well together. Everything was as cute and comfy as the stuff you imagine wearing on a sunny summer day but with a more classic look.

I had a lot of fun trying things on and chatting with fellow shoppers. And I’m dying to show you the jumpsuit I got! I was a little nervous trying it on, I knew it would be a major win or a major fail.

I’m really interested to see what you guys think about the new summer pieces. Check out the collection and let me know your thoughts! Surf Shack Collection

P.S. Photo credit & love go out to my awesome boyfriend. He writes, acts, produces and still makes time to help me do what I love! You can learn more about his adventures in the world of entertainment by visiting his FB page: William Camacho



Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan



TommyHilfigerSurfShackNordstrom Striped Dress: Here (Currently on Sale!)| Nordstrom Rack Wedges: Similar

The Basics


“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.”  ~Confucius

Today marks the beginning of a blog revamp! A lot of changes have already taken place but I think the  next few weeks will be filled with plenty of tinkering. A blog is a reflection of it’s author and so as it’s author grows and changes, the blog tends to follow.

I feel a lot of great changes coming as I approach my 25th birthday. It’s a few months away still but things are shifting in a way that makes me even more excited for the future. Good things are in store for us all.



Throwback Thursday

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Casual Outfit Ideas

Date Night Outfit Ideas

outfitIdeas4Every Thursday I see the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag all over instagram and I started thinking about where LoveNiki started and where it is now. Sharing my passion for dressing up has been so much fun. I’m excited to come up with new creative photo shoots and put together more outfits :) I use to think it was a little silly to be passionate about dressing up, but there’s never ever anything silly about doing what you love and following your heart.

I hope you guys enjoy this mini LoveNiki fashion flashback!



Instagram Life @MsLoveNiki

LoveCoupleLife is cu-razy right now! I’m working on a webseries with lots of talented people and there’s so much to do. But I miss you guys and blogging. I’m going to push to make more time for outfit photos (I have tons of fun ideas in my head, they may come pouring out of my ear soon).

During this time of creative madness, just remember that you can always find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Come join me on my crazy, yet awesome, adventures :)

Hugs not drugs,




Renaissance Faire Outfit

RenaissanceFaireThis outfit was inspired by…..the renaissance period! I love the renaissance faire so much. The costumes, the axe throwing, the everything! I was able to rent my costume there but I did purchase the furry hood shown above from a very creative and talented vendor. She made it out of ugly old sweaters, cool huh? This faire runs until Sunday May 19th and is located in Irwindale, CA. If your interested in going CLICK HERE for more info and to buy tickets. It’s definitely worth the price of admission!




Joshua Tree!

Joshua TreeI had a lovely weekend adventure :) Tomorrow I’ll share more photos and details of my outfit, I just couldn’t wait to share this with you guys. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

There’s also something else you should know…. you are all very important to me! And if there is any type of outfit you’d like to see recreated or if you need ideas for an event just leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to help!



WTW: For an Interview




SkirtButtonUp$6 F21 clearance skirt| Old Bamboo Heels from Burlington| Joie Striped Button-up| F21 Heart Bag

Interview style, day 2! Paired with the right top, a faux leather skirt can add the perfect amount of…of…. rawr! …to your outfit without making it look like you’re about to hit the club. My personal approach to interviews is to show them that I’m serious about the position but also show that I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suggest showing up in a mini dress and 6 inch stilettos, but let some of your personal style shine through.  You want them to see the real you. Maybe that sounds cheesy but I’m an eternal optimist and I really do believe it’ll all work out the way it’s suppose to.

Hope your hump day has been splendid. Let me know what you’re up to!



Valentine’s Week!

Happy Couple




DualWalletsOnly a few days left until Valentine’s day! And I have a fun handmade gift idea to share with you :) My friend Bree makes cute duct tape wallets that you can have customized. I love that they’re a unique gift and that she makes them herself. There’s something truly endearing about anything homemade. I think it’s because you know that if someone is using their free time to work on a project than there’s love and passion behind it.

You can check out Bree’s Facebook HERE and tomorrow I’ll be featuring her adorable heart clutch wallet!

Since my boyfriend was nice enough to join me for the photos, we ended up shooting with his cousin Christina. She’s a talented photographer and I really hope we can work with her again soon!

Let me know what you guys think about these awesome duct tape wallets. How would you have yours customized?!



Plaid Dreamer

PlaidDreamer PlaidShirtA combination of country and casual style makes for a perfect picnic date outfit. I can’t remember the last time I had a picnic. As a kid I had a few makeshift backyard picnics and my parents took to us the duck park sometimes to share a meal on a blanket but that was all so long ago.

If you’re looking for a cool date idea, maybe you could consider planning a picnic :)