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#TBT Big Sur

denim jeans

Throwing it back to last week’s adventure. Pfeiffer beach was beautiful! It lived up to and then surpassed all of my expectations.  I owe you more photos of it; I’m still sorting through everything. I did find a great shot of the coast that Will took. Pretty awesome right?

SeaweedCasual Outfit Jeans



Outfit Details:

H&M Top: Here|Ross Army Jacket: Similar| H&M Blue Flats: Similar|Jeans: Current Elliott Fling

OOTD: Factory Worker

casual outfitMy hotel room was hit at 2a.m. this morning. In the downpour of bullets I was only to grab one of my bags before escaping through the fire escape. Luckily, I made it out alive but I’ve got very few weapons and ammunition. Not to mention that there are only a few things in my bag to build a disguise with.

I’m going to enter the factory at midday while everyone is at lunch. This is the only time the guards place their guns back in their holsters. They’re plump men who like to use both hands to devour their meals.

OOTd vest


ootd factory

trouble maker

ootd disguiseAeropostale Vest: Here|White Button-Up: Similar|Faux Leather Pants: Similar


OOTD: International Spy

OOTD BlackThis is the story of an international spy’s first mission. She is just beginning to scope out the Bronte factory to find a way in.

Luck is on her side. There is a small garage in the back that is no longer in use and if the blue prints she found are correct, there is also a little known passage into the factory through here.

Tomorrow she will enter in disguise and gather information on the factory owner, Edwardo Bronte, and his black market dealings. Edwardo is an evil man who has spent most of his life engaged in selling various contraband, drugs, and even the occasional organ.

Knee High Boots

All Black Outfit

Mini Cooper convertible

Steal Jessica Alba’s Look!

Jessica Alba Dress

For the record, I wore it first. Lol. Normally I recreate looks but this time I happened to stumble across a dress that looked just like the one I bought last year. My dress is knitted/crocheted and Jessica’s is shiny and metallic but the look is pretty close.

I searched everywhere to find links and options for you guys but there’s not a lot out there. I think this style and color combo is barely headed back out for the new season but I was able to find one dress that’s….semi-similar Lol Check it out: Nasty Gal Zig Zag Dress

You can also see my original post for my outfit HERE


Style Spotlight: Olivia Wilde Rush Premiere

rush-world-premiere-red-carpet-20130902-193632-983Photo credit: Eamonn M. McCormack/Ghetty Images

This morning I shared with you a Lea Michele inspired look and mentioned that it seems to be a popular choice for celebs right now. And than! I came across this photo of Olivia Wilde wearing the tuxedo look to the London premiere for her new film Rush!

She’s wearing Gucci which I’m sure costs more than car but all you need is a basic fitted blazer and your choice of bottoms to make this look work! I listed a few link below in case you’re in need of a blazer :)

Forever 21 Shawl Lapel Blazer $32.80

Charlotte Russe Pyramid Stud Button Blazer $34.99

ASOS Blazer in Crepe w/Slim Lapel $75.94

Steal Lea Michele’s Marie Claire Look!

LeaMicheleToday I’m sharing a very daring look!  In the August Issue of Mexico’s Marie Claire, Lea Michele looked amazing in nothing but a tuxedo and black briefs. This look seems to be making the rounds right now, you’ll see a very similar outfit worn by Selena Gomez herself in her new music video Slow Down.

But is this really a look you can rock to a party? Yes! Just grab a blazer, throw on your fav pair of shorts and…. make sure it’s the right kind of event! Don’t go trying to wear this to Grandma’s 80th birthday bash.

I’ve been eating a lot cleaner and trying to workout more often so my blazer is not as form fitting as it use to be but I sort of like it a little bigger. It has the whole “boyfriend jeans” vibe going on.

Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!






Anthropologie Dresses

I love Anthropologie‘s whole vibe and style. Every time I walk into a store I feel like I won’t survive the day if I don’t buy something. Lol. But, the truth is, I can’t afford to fill my closet with all things Anthropolgie.  I can buy an accessory or something but even those things are higher priced.

On the brightside, they’re stuff  is seemingly high quality and therefore, at the very least, somewhat appropriately priced.

Now, let’s oogle these dresses! They’re perfect for special occasions, and the older I get, the more I realize that there are so many freakin special occasions to get dressed up for …someone’s always getting married, having a birthday party, celebrating a baby….it can be fun, but you’ll need plenty of outfits.




I can’t decide but my favorite has to be between the dress at the top right and the one at the bottom right. So pretty. Which one is your favorite?

I’m a Cowboy Baby

cowboy bootsSaturday night I went to a rodeo/western themed charity auction and now I’m obsessed with all things western, country, and cowgirl-esque. I found this photo on pinterest and had to share! If you stop by the blog tomorrow I’ll be sharing photos from the event & telling you about an amazing thing known as equestrian therapy!

VMAs Best Dressed

Best dressed lists are always fun. It’s the worst dressed lists that suck. Seriously, can you imagine what it must feel like to wake up the next day and  see everyone hating on your outfit and talking crap? I’d rather spread positivity. I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of criticism online today.

I picked out my top 3 favorite looks from last night’s VMAs. All of these ladies are ridiculously beautiful and I’d love to just try on these dresses! Lol

Taking first place is…

Taylor Swift.

With a hint of old hollywood glam and a whole lot of sexy Taylor owned the red carpet!

Taylor SwiftImage Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage Source:

In second place…

Naya Rivera.

This glee star looked smoking hot last night! And I want her hair!

Naya RiveraImage Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage Source:

And finally, in third place…

Coco Jones.

Only 15 and Coco already has amazing style. Such a pretty girl!

Coco JonesImage Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage Source:

Who was your number one pick?! And what type of dress would you want to wear if you were headed to the VMAs, long and sexy or short, fun and colorful? Let me know in the comments!