Around Town: Griffith Observatory


Hi guys, so I’ve been thinking about how many of my readers I left here on the wordpress community when I became self-hosted. It’s one of those blogging lessons no one really mentions!

I decided to try and post more often on this site so that I can reconnect with you. And if you ever want to see more of what I’m sharing, you can head over to my main blog

Lately I’ve been a busy little bride to be! Luckily, there was time a few weekends ago to visit the Griffith Observatory. And when I say “there was time”, I actually mean that a photography client requested the location for their family photos so we were able to go.

You can see the whole city from up there. The air is crisp, the sun is warm, and it’s a great spot for everything from working out to catching up on your reading. Both of which I’m incredibly behind on!

So how is your blog coming along? Have you made any big changes lately? Leave me links in the comments so I can stop by & check our your little home on the internet!




Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Outfit of the day


Dino Bones


Stained Glass

MuseumPhoto Credit: William Camacho (He’ll have his own photo blog soon!)

For about the price of a movie ticket ($12) you can gaze upon the giants of the Mesozoic era! The Natural History Museum also offers a variety of exhibits on modern day animals and plants. You can literally stare down a polar and stand inches away from a gorilla. And there’s no need to worry about how all those creatures ended up behind the glass, most of them died of natural causes.

Are you in the L.A. area and want to check it out? I’ll put all the info below for you. And let me just say this, be sure to look in the long wooden boxes that line some of the hallways…. who knows, you might catch a glimpse of a mystical sea monster…but you’re going to have to visit the museum to find out!

Address and Phone Number

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: (213) 763-DINO

Hours, prices, and exhibit info can be found here: PLAN YOUR VISIT

The Grove

The GroveThis past weekend, the world’s biggest lollipop made it’s way to the grove! I didn’t get a photo of it because we were running a little late but I did catch a glimpse of it sitting in a truck preparing to go wherever it is that giant lollipops go. It was pretty cool and trust me, it was just as big as you’d a imagine the world’s biggest lollipop to be.

I also had a chance to try The Fat Cow, one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants! I’m a major foodie, that’s part of what makes dieting so hard for me! Everything was tasty but I especially enjoyed the brussels sprout pizza. I never thought a pizza could be so…gardeny fresh and savory at the same time. It put the basic pepperoni to shame.




JumpsuitWhite Jumpsuit c/o Tommy Hilfiger

If you’re in the LA area I’d definitely recommend The Fat Cow for lunch. And if you try their burger, let me know how it is! Now back to my diet….Lol. Have a great day guys :)



The Ghetty Center

Free art museum?! I’m there! I went to check out the Ghetty Center in Bretwood, CA, and I had a great time. The architecture, garden and art exhibits are a complete joy to look at. I kept my look casual and added a somewhat dressy blouse to keep my outfit from looking too lazy. If you’re into art and looking for a free and entertaining weekend activity, here it is!