Winter Boots for Spring & Summer

Spring Boots




OutfitIdeaSpringJoie Leather Jacket: Affordable + Similar| H.I.P. Tank Top: Similar| Forever 21 Tweed High Waisted Shorts: Similar| Charlotte Russe Booties: Similar

I get to go shopping Sunday! It’s been a while since I last did some serious shopping. I’m definitely going to be hunting down deals to get the most bang for my buck. That’s sort of what inspired today’s post. I wish every season meant a brand new wardrobe but the reality of it is that, I have to find ways to rock seasonal stuff all year round. It allows you to have more outfit options no matter what time of year it is.

Major props to my mom for playing my photographer this morning! I think she did a great job. And yes, these shots would have been extra cool if I drove a Lambo or something but I don’t. Lol. I drive an ’98 honda civic and I love it! It’s the first and only car I’ve ever owned :)




Rebel Christmas

IMG_0871 IMG_0915 IMG_0910 IMG_0899Jacket: Joie Leather Jacket(similar)| Top: Joie Marlo Blouse| Pants: Old Skinny Jeans| Shoes: H&M Leopard Flats(similar)

Merry day after Christmas! I decided to take a different approach to my Christmas outfit this year. Normally I throw on a dress and heels but this time I went with an entirely different look. I like to switch things up.

My dad was my guest photographer for the day! He did a great job :) Some photos came out a bit blurry but he only had about 10 mins to learn my camera. Lol. It was a fun Christmas day at the park with my parents. What did you do yesterday?



Do you heart it?

IMG_0262 IMG_0415 IMG_0417 IMG_0449


As you know, I didn’t think the Hobbit was the most exciting movie ever but I did have fun going out. My outfit was perfect for fighting the cold but still looking cute. I feel like I have to compromise on one or the other way too often. It did get a little extra chilly after sunset and decided to play around with Will’s new leather jacket.

I think girls will forever love their boyfriends clothes. Lol, What do you think?



Hello Fall

Jessica Simpson Dress: Similar| Joie Leather Jacket: Similar| Windsor Boots: Similar| Leopard Pashmina: Similar

Today I’m wearing my first real Fall outfit! I can’t wait for the cooler weather to move in. I know it won’t get extremely cold in California but it’ll be nice to wear cute jackets and comfy sweaters again.