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Fitness Babe
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Only 15 days left until Christmas! The holidays came so quickly this year. I know it can be tricky thinking of awesome gift ideas for everyone but fitness gear is a great option.

Getting in shape will be at the top of everyone’s resolution list for 2014. Plus, you can never have enough workout clothing or accessories! Think about it, it only takes one tough & sweaty workout to dirty your outfit so the more pieces you have, the less you’ll have to load up the washing machine each week!

Happy Shopping!

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H M sports bra
$25 –

Forever 21 blue shoes

Forever 21 shoes

Victoria s Secret handbag


OOTD: Factory Worker

casual outfitMy hotel room was hit at 2a.m. this morning. In the downpour of bullets I was only to grab one of my bags before escaping through the fire escape. Luckily, I made it out alive but I’ve got very few weapons and ammunition. Not to mention that there are only a few things in my bag to build a disguise with.

I’m going to enter the factory at midday while everyone is at lunch. This is the only time the guards place their guns back in their holsters. They’re plump men who like to use both hands to devour their meals.

OOTd vest


ootd factory

trouble maker

ootd disguiseAeropostale Vest: Here|White Button-Up: Similar|Faux Leather Pants: Similar


New Blue Shoes

StripedSweaterI know I’ve shared this outfit combo before but…. I just bought the perfect blue shoes for it. And guess what, they were only $13 bucks! I love comfortable shoes. I mean, I love the sexiness of heels and I do wear them but it’s nice to have shoes that just feel good. Lol. I don’t see the exact same shoes on H&M’s site but these are pretty close: Canvas Sneakers


CatearssweaterUrban Outfitters Cat Ears Headband: Similar| Forever 21 Sweater: Similar|H&M Canvas Shoes: Similar

San Diego Shore



CameraOutfitExpress Mustard Jeggings| Express Burgundy Flats| H&M Denim Top| Joie Ruffle Top

We arrived early in San Diego for the film festival. It was nice being able to enjoy the shoreline and sunshine on a Tuesday. I also had a chance to work on my photography :) I’m really hoping to win a new camera and guess what? You can help me!

CLICK HERE  and vote for @MsLoveNiki to help me get me closer to winning a  Canon T4i! I’m a finalist in their contest and if I cross my fingers any tighter they may fall off. Lol. It’ll mean a lot to me if you go vote<3

Hope you’re doing well :) Remember, there’s still time for you to enter my style contest. All you need to do is send a spring outfit photo to! **Full details can be found on my Facebook Page.



Joshua Tree National Park





JoshuaTreeFunH&M Fatigue Jacket: Here| H&M T-Shirt: Similar|Hollister Jeans: Here| Joie Mocassins: Here

Visiting new places, trying new things, and taking my boyfriend with me is pretty much what I consider a perfect weekend. Throw fashion into the mix and I might explode from happiness.

We went on a little adventure to Joshua Tree and although we didn’t plan on climbing over giant boulders….we couldn’t help ourselves. Adventure is in our blood. I hope to keep traveling and exploring, even if it’s just on a local level while we save up for bigger things. I want to see it all :)

Have you visited Joshua Tree? Do the outdoors interest you? What about travel….where would you go first if you could go anywhere in the world?



Valentine’s Week!

Happy Couple




DualWalletsOnly a few days left until Valentine’s day! And I have a fun handmade gift idea to share with you :) My friend Bree makes cute duct tape wallets that you can have customized. I love that they’re a unique gift and that she makes them herself. There’s something truly endearing about anything homemade. I think it’s because you know that if someone is using their free time to work on a project than there’s love and passion behind it.

You can check out Bree’s Facebook HERE and tomorrow I’ll be featuring her adorable heart clutch wallet!

Since my boyfriend was nice enough to join me for the photos, we ended up shooting with his cousin Christina. She’s a talented photographer and I really hope we can work with her again soon!

Let me know what you guys think about these awesome duct tape wallets. How would you have yours customized?!



Style Thief: Denim Shirt




DenimTopH&M Denim Top| Forever 21 Faux Leather Skirt| Aldo Yellow Polka Dot Sunglasses| H&M Leopard Flats

I think I’m in love with denim shirts. They’re cute, warm and have a cool casual look. The skirt and pointy heels that Emma wore helped her outfit look more date night-ish and although I have almost the same exact heels, I wanted to keep my look casual. Hence the sunnies and leopard flats :)

I hope you’re having a good week! I’m excited to be heading to the snow in just a few days (I’ll bring back lots of pix!) Do you have any plans for this weekend? And how do you feel about these style thief posts…..want more? Or less? Lol

Love you lots,


Rebel Christmas

IMG_0871 IMG_0915 IMG_0910 IMG_0899Jacket: Joie Leather Jacket(similar)| Top: Joie Marlo Blouse| Pants: Old Skinny Jeans| Shoes: H&M Leopard Flats(similar)

Merry day after Christmas! I decided to take a different approach to my Christmas outfit this year. Normally I throw on a dress and heels but this time I went with an entirely different look. I like to switch things up.

My dad was my guest photographer for the day! He did a great job :) Some photos came out a bit blurry but he only had about 10 mins to learn my camera. Lol. It was a fun Christmas day at the park with my parents. What did you do yesterday?



Look 1: Shades of Blue

Happy Tuesday lovely readers :)  Today I’m sharing one way to wear this week’s theme, “Blue Booties”. I paired my booties with a simple white Jessica Simpson dress. Basic colors like white, black and grey pair well with bright bold shoes. I wanted to tie the dress together with my shoes a little more so I added in my blue H&M coat . Although the coat is a different shade of blue it works well because it’s dark and a more subtle shade.

Stacy Kiebler wore a similar coat by Tory Burch that you can check out here and of course I have to cover my girls on a budget so here’s a very affordable but just as cute option for ya ;)  $29.99 Alloy Double-breasted Peacoat

And if your’re doing some very early Christmas shopping for the guy in your life, you can check out the blue Burberry coat Usher wore here. And when you realize that the Burberry coat costs more than your rent, don’t panic. I found you an affordable look alike from Old Navy: $50 Old Navy Coat.

How are you feeling about this week’s theme? What would you pair your blue booties with?



Boyfriend Style

Gentlemen, this is what happens when you date a fashion blogger. She’ll make you do a post! My boyfriend Will, has on a Ben Sherman cardigan, an H&M shirt, and a pair of his favorite Lucky Brand Jeans.