Anthropologie Love

Anthropologie Love
Happy Monday! I’m going to be putting a few post here to help my lovely readers transition to I’m still waiting for wordpress to transfer you guys over! In the meantime you can enter your email on my new site so you don’t miss out on anything!
On to the post… I LOVE ANTHROPOLOGIE. I can’t afford to shop there on a regular basis but if I could I’d probably own everything they’ve ever made. Lol. Check out these amazing hair accessories…so gorgeous huh?

Hair band headband

Brass jewelry

Home decor

Feather home decor

Plume & Gem Clip

Hand-Painted Blush Barrette


Affordable Beauty Products You Must Try

Beauty Products

1. Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics| 2. Listerine Whitening Restoring Mouthwash|3. Secret Outlast Deodorant| 4. TRESemmé Heat Tamer Protective Spray

Goooood morning! I know most ‘must have’ lists include designer bags and expensive clothes but I wanted to share some great products that are affordable & can improve the rest of your week!

The ribbon elastics feel so much better than the basic elastic hair bands. They don’t pull or tug while you wear them. They do cost a little more but not by much.

The Listerine mouthwash is a new addition to my teeth cleaning routine but it’s exactly what I needed. My teeth are cavity prone and not as white as they could be thanks to my daily cup of jo. I’ve tried whitening strips before but they left my teeth super sensitive and did nothing to help my enamel.

48 hour deodorant is aaaammmmaaaazzzziiiing. No, I don’t go days without reapplying and I’m not exceptionally smelly Lol but I’m usually out of the house for long periods of time doing a million different things. This stuff lasts through it all. And it’s so much better than having to carry a deodorant around with you. I shove enough stuff in my purse so the less I have to add, the better.

I stopped buying heat tamer to save a few dollars and my ends started splitting and my hair became rough and dry. This is not the area to make budget cuts in! Lesson learned.

These basic products will definitely improve your week!Plus you can get it all for under $20, maybe even under $15 if you find a sale. A new deodorant may not be as chic as that handbag you’ve been eyeing but when the holidays come around and your rushing  from one gathering to the next, you’ll be glad you spent a few dollars on some of the little things.

How to Grow Long Hair

Long Hair

I have gone through “it’s time for a change, I need a bob haircut” cycle quite a few times. And after the new haircut high wears off a few weeks later, I find myself desperately looking for ways to make my hair grow as long as possible as quickly as possible.

I’ve definitely learned a few things and accepted some difficult truths about hair and growing it out. Here’s what you should know:

1. Stop cutting it. Sounds silly to say but it’s the only way to start adding length. I had a hard time giving up a visit to the salon. It feels awesome to have someone wash you hair! If you have damaged hair, you can stop by the salon for a trim but be sure to space out your appointments so that you’re gaining more than you’re losing.

2. Be patient, it’s going to take YEARS. It’s true. Go ahead, cry. If you want long flowy hair it takes A LONG time. You get about 6 inches a year and that’s before deducting anything you may have trimmed off.

3. You don’t look like her. You know that pinterest photo of that girl with long, sexy, thick hair you stare at daily? Well that’s not you or your hair. That was harsh…sorry…Lol But seriously, very few people warn you that when you grow your hair out it might not look anything like you expected it to.

I was expecting loooong luscious wavy goodness once I got my hair down to my mid back but instead it’s heavy, straight, and a little stringy. I have to rely on styling tools and products for thick looking voluminous hair

4. Massage your scalp. Get the blood flowing to your scalp! A gentle massage increases circulation which aids your body in delivering nutrients to your locks which is a must for optimal hair growth.

5. Eat your carrots! Your diet shows. And I don’t just mean on your waistline. Hair tends to reflect your health (both mental and physical) so eat well and take time to combat stress with relaxing activities.

Hope this helps! Let me know what hair struggles you’re currently dealing with!

Beauty Bandit: Hunger Games Catching Fire

Hunger Games Catching Fire



Yay! I finally got a few snapshots of my Katniss look! BUT…I didn’t have the good camera :( Lol…life huh? I thought it’d still be fun to share this look and than maybe reshoot it with an outfit inspired by the movie! That would be pretty cool. I’ll see what I can do ;)

I’d really love to hear from you pretty ladies out there! Send in photos or links of looks you’d like to see recreated! Email me at or post the look on my Facebook Page :)

Hope to hear from you girls!

Red Carpet Style

Red Carpet Style

Hello there!

Today I’m really excited to share an amazing experiences with you. Last Friday I attended The Imagen Awards because a film I helped produce was nominated! The Imagen Awards aims to recognize, encourage and reward positive portrayals of Latinos in all forms of media. The Foundation also works to create, promote, and enhance opportunities for all Latinos in front of and behind the camera and throughout the entertainment industry.

It took me ALL day to get ready! But I enjoyed every minute, it made me feel like a princess :) I had some amazing people help me pull my look together and I owe them sooo much because God knows I wake up looking like a train wreck every morning! Lol. My hair was done by the amazing Lupe at Elegance Salonif you’re in the inland empire and are looking for a stylist that does great work, you should definitely give her a call!

My makeup was done by Laura of Miss Prissy and I wish I had gotten more photo of it because the few I did get, truly don’t do it justice. She was able to make me look flawless and perfectly contoured. She specializes in a variety of makeup including special effects for film & TV. She’s located in the SGV but does travel!

Now for fun, star sightings!!! In no particular order, here is a list of some of the celebs I saw: Constance Marie (George Lopez Show), Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), Bella Thorne (Shake it Up), Jon Huertas (Castle)

Get Red Carpet Ready



RedCarpetDressDress: Windsor Julissa-Brick| Shoes: Windsor Black Strap Heels

I felt really blessed just attending The Imagen Awards. It was a great experience. Being in a room full of people who have accomplished their dreams, at least in part, of creating a successful career in the entertainment industry was inspiring. I think life is too short not to pursue the things you truly want to do. Whatever your dreams may be…acting, singing, opening a flower shop….whatever your heart is calling you to do, do it.



P.S. Believe it or not I did wear a dress from Windsor to the awards! Yep…a girl on ANY budget can look red carpet ready!

Hunger Games Catching Fire Teaser

Hunger Games Catching FireHappy Thursday! I love sharing inspired looks, it makes me sooooo happy. I was going to share my Katniss inspired hairdo tomorrow but my schedule has been flipped around a bit. So I thought I’d tease you….just a little. Lol.

Don’t worry you won’t have to wait too long for it! It’ll most likely be up next Friday :)

And why oh why has my schedule changed? Well….I’m attending my first red carpet award show! More details to come!



FARFETCH Fauxtale Crown

Flower CrownI’m not entirely sure what it is but I keep imagining myself donning a crown/tiara on my 25th birthday. I think I like how fun and carefree the idea seems. Plus, do you remember when Jennifer Aniston wore a bday crown on Friends?! I thought two things, 1. I want that haircut and 2. I must take advantage of every crown wearing opportunity I come across.

So I did some googling and fell in love with a super unique and way out of my budget floral crown. Since I can’t buy it, I had to at least share it with you. You can also check out more unique hair accessories at

Do you have any birthday worthy hair accessory ideas for me?! Let me know in the comment section!


Cute & Affordable Jewelry

Black HairBlogging opens doors to new friendships with lovely people. It’s one of the best perks. You realize how many other dreamers out there are in hot pursuit of their dreams and it’s both inspiring & motivating. One such friend, Kristy recently opened an adorable etsy store, Winifred & Delilah.

Her pieces are cute, playful and handmade. And yes, they’re affordable! Lol. I love showing support for people who put their heart and creativity into something. So if you have a chance be sure stop by and browse her little shop! Her Links: Shop| Instagram| Twitter

Outfit details at the bottom :)

Skull Bracelet


fox necklace

Bench Swing

Smile$7.99 Front Tie T-Shirt| $9.99 Neutral Maxi| $14.99 Studded Sandals

My entire outfit is from Ross! Which unfortunately means no links but I purchased everything recently so you’re likely to find it all in store right now (store merchandise does very but…they always have great stuff!).

Also, I’m enjoying rocking the messy bed hair waves. They fit my personality. Lol. Would you guys be interested in a tutorial?