BLOGGINGI’m excited to make the move to a self-hosted blog! will be my official home! So what happens here to this here wordpress site? Well, here are the answers to a very few important questions.

Where can I read LoveNiki? You can continue to read the LoveNiki blog at (It will be available on bloglovin’ after a couple weeks)

Will I continue to be subscribed to your new blog? Yes, wordpress will be helping me switch all my subscribers over to my new self-hosted blog! BUT if you want to receive new posts via email, you’ll need to sign-up at, there’s a subscription box on the right hand side under my photo.

What does self-hosted mean? Basically, I’m moving from to which allows me to have more control over my site & help me grow it.

Can I visit the new site? Of course! The site will be live while it is being worked on :) Everything should be officially finalized in a week.


OOTD: Fall in California

fall outfit

It’s cold, it’s hot, it’s raining, and now it’s sunny. That’s just how it is in Cali hence the sweater, shorts and boots combo. On the one hand I like the amount of warm sunshine but it’d be nice to have real seasons. Lol. Maybe things will cool down by Thanksgiving. *Fingers Crossed*

boots and shorts

OOTD sweater

Red Sweater

bcbg bootsSweater: Ross| Shorts: F21| Boots: BCBG Generation

Desert Stars

Desert Outfit

Desert OOTD

Desert Style

Desert StarsI’m about a month early with this red, white and blue look but the color combo was perfect for a mini road trip to the desert. We (bf+me) went to shoot some footage we needed for a webseries we (bf + me + team) are working on. The wind was so intense! The second I stepped out of the car I felt like I might be blown away.

So….slowly but surely I’m getting back in shape! I’ve started taking mini breaks during the day to do squats, weights, and lunges. I try to do atleast 2 sets of 10 every time I stand up. The awesome part is that without realizing it, by the end of the I’ve done tons of reps! I’m excited. I hope I can still tone it all up before slipping into my swimsuit this summer :)

Have you already picked out your summer swimsuit? Show me!!! Lol



The Basics


“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.”  ~Confucius

Today marks the beginning of a blog revamp! A lot of changes have already taken place but I think the  next few weeks will be filled with plenty of tinkering. A blog is a reflection of it’s author and so as it’s author grows and changes, the blog tends to follow.

I feel a lot of great changes coming as I approach my 25th birthday. It’s a few months away still but things are shifting in a way that makes me even more excited for the future. Good things are in store for us all.



New Year’s Eve Dress




IMG_1179_2Old Dress Coat: Similar| Forever 21 Stripe Dress: Similar| Black Kitten Heels: Similar

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It was freezing cold Monday night so although I had picked this dress out to wear I ended up in a pair of pants! But I was able to wear it out for a fun Korean BBQ date at ChoSun Galbee Saturday night. Mmmm….Korean BBQ….drooling. Have you ever tried it?

I hope you had a fun & safe New Year’s Eve! And I’m curious to know what you wore. Did you glam it up or bundle up in comfy casual clothes? Let me know :)