New Shop Open!

I am so happy to share my new online boutique with you!


Online boutique

I’ve been wanting to open up an online shop for awhile and I get super tingly at the thought of finally having it all set up. Take a look and let me know what you think!  Is there anything you’re hopping to see added to the shop soon?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts <3


Big Sur Road Trip!

Road TripTravelTomorrow morning we’re heading out of LA and up to Big Sur! I was blessed with a Mini Cooper Convertible for my 25th birthday last month and what’s the best way to break in a convertible? A long coastal drive through beautiful redwoods.

I still can’t believe my Nina & Tio Joe got me a car…I thought this type of stuff only happened in movies! Lol

The trip takes about five and a half hours but we’ll be making a few stops for food and… Hearst Castle!

castleI’ll be a M.I.A. for a few days but don’t worry, I’ll come back with lots of photos to share and hopefully more videos :)

Follow me on Instagram @MsLoveNiki and Twitter @MsLoveNiki to watch as our adventure unfolds!

OOTD: International Spy

OOTD BlackThis is the story of an international spy’s first mission. She is just beginning to scope out the Bronte factory to find a way in.

Luck is on her side. There is a small garage in the back that is no longer in use and if the blue prints she found are correct, there is also a little known passage into the factory through here.

Tomorrow she will enter in disguise and gather information on the factory owner, Edwardo Bronte, and his black market dealings. Edwardo is an evil man who has spent most of his life engaged in selling various contraband, drugs, and even the occasional organ.

Knee High Boots

All Black Outfit

Mini Cooper convertible

Inspiration: Keep Going.


Tuesdays are typically inspiration and happy thought days around here but this week has left me in need of an extra dose. I’ve been super wrapped up in a particular thought, what I’m I going to do with my life?!?!

The quote above reminded me that life is a continual journey. We have to keep pushing forward in order to discover more about ourselves and our calling in life. Honestly, I wish it was simpler. I wish someone would hand me a roadmap and I would know that all I had to do was follow it. But that’s not what life is about.

I also found a little peace after reading an article on Psychology Today’s website. Now this isn’t going instantly solve your problems either but it’s a nice reminder of …the bigger picture. ARTICLE LINK

How are you doing when it comes to choosing a career? Feeling confident in your decisions thus far? Or are you debating switching majors or heading back to school to pursue something else? Let me know in the comments!

Charity Auction & Dinner

Charity AuctionHave you ever seen or experienced something that made question your priorities? Saturday afternoon I attended a charity event to support my little cousin Natalia. Her story along with the stories of a few other disabled children were read to the crowd and my heart ached for them.

So young and fighting such tough battles and challenges. It made me question my priorities. How can I be so concerned with my clothes and hair when there’s other people out there fighting for the things I too often take for granted?

I’ve thought about this topic many times before and the biblical story of Ester tends to come to mind. The tale of one of the loveliest of girls who used her beauty not for selfish gain but to capture the heart of a king and save her people. Whether you’re religious or not, the story still presents an interesting concept. Perhaps, if you’re heart is in the right place than even seemingly superficial things can be used to change lives for the better.

True Love

Western Party

I know that that is my goal with this blog.

I also know that…. I loved learning about this amazing organization! This charity dinner and auction was for Carousel RanchCarousel Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing developmental therapeutic and recreational programs for disabled and disadvantaged children through horses.

Although the goals and benefits are different for every child, I was able to witness the joy it brought to all of the young demonstrators on Saturday night.

If you’re interested in learning more or donating please CLICK HERE!

Cute & Affordable Jewelry

Black HairBlogging opens doors to new friendships with lovely people. It’s one of the best perks. You realize how many other dreamers out there are in hot pursuit of their dreams and it’s both inspiring & motivating. One such friend, Kristy recently opened an adorable etsy store, Winifred & Delilah.

Her pieces are cute, playful and handmade. And yes, they’re affordable! Lol. I love showing support for people who put their heart and creativity into something. So if you have a chance be sure stop by and browse her little shop! Her Links: Shop| Instagram| Twitter

Outfit details at the bottom :)

Skull Bracelet


fox necklace

Bench Swing

Smile$7.99 Front Tie T-Shirt| $9.99 Neutral Maxi| $14.99 Studded Sandals

My entire outfit is from Ross! Which unfortunately means no links but I purchased everything recently so you’re likely to find it all in store right now (store merchandise does very but…they always have great stuff!).

Also, I’m enjoying rocking the messy bed hair waves. They fit my personality. Lol. Would you guys be interested in a tutorial?





Stop. Stop thinking about all the things you want to do. Instead, use today to get one day closer to them. I, of all people, need a constant reminder to get out of my own head and actually take action.

What have you been wanting to do? Are there any goals you’ve let live only in you head? I want to know! Share them in the comment section below!