Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

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MuseumPhoto Credit: William Camacho (He’ll have his own photo blog soon!)

For about the price of a movie ticket ($12) you can gaze upon the giants of the Mesozoic era! The Natural History Museum also offers a variety of exhibits on modern day animals and plants. You can literally stare down a polar and stand inches away from a gorilla. And there’s no need to worry about how all those creatures ended up behind the glass, most of them died of natural causes.

Are you in the L.A. area and want to check it out? I’ll put all the info below for you. And let me just say this, be sure to look in the long wooden boxes that line some of the hallways…. who knows, you might catch a glimpse of a mystical sea monster…but you’re going to have to visit the museum to find out!

Address and Phone Number

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: (213) 763-DINO

Hours, prices, and exhibit info can be found here: PLAN YOUR VISIT