BLOGGINGI’m excited to make the move to a self-hosted blog! will be my official home! So what happens here to this here wordpress site? Well, here are the answers to a very few important questions.

Where can I read LoveNiki? You can continue to read the LoveNiki blog at (It will be available on bloglovin’ after a couple weeks)

Will I continue to be subscribed to your new blog? Yes, wordpress will be helping me switch all my subscribers over to my new self-hosted blog! BUT if you want to receive new posts via email, you’ll need to sign-up at, there’s a subscription box on the right hand side under my photo.

What does self-hosted mean? Basically, I’m moving from to which allows me to have more control over my site & help me grow it.

Can I visit the new site? Of course! The site will be live while it is being worked on :) Everything should be officially finalized in a week.


Wall Decor Giveaway!!!

Wall DecorIn exactly 4 days I will be 25! Ah! Lol To celebrate I partnered with the Pei from to bring you a cool giveaway :) You can win two of these lovely prints just by following us on instagram and then letting us know which two you would like to win!

The giveaway is happening on facebook so be sure to stop by and good luck!

 LoveNiki Facebook Page

Steal Lea Michele’s Marie Claire Look!

LeaMicheleToday I’m sharing a very daring look!  In the August Issue of Mexico’s Marie Claire, Lea Michele looked amazing in nothing but a tuxedo and black briefs. This look seems to be making the rounds right now, you’ll see a very similar outfit worn by Selena Gomez herself in her new music video Slow Down.

But is this really a look you can rock to a party? Yes! Just grab a blazer, throw on your fav pair of shorts and…. make sure it’s the right kind of event! Don’t go trying to wear this to Grandma’s 80th birthday bash.

I’ve been eating a lot cleaner and trying to workout more often so my blazer is not as form fitting as it use to be but I sort of like it a little bigger. It has the whole “boyfriend jeans” vibe going on.

Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!






Anthropologie Dresses

I love Anthropologie‘s whole vibe and style. Every time I walk into a store I feel like I won’t survive the day if I don’t buy something. Lol. But, the truth is, I can’t afford to fill my closet with all things Anthropolgie.  I can buy an accessory or something but even those things are higher priced.

On the brightside, they’re stuff  is seemingly high quality and therefore, at the very least, somewhat appropriately priced.

Now, let’s oogle these dresses! They’re perfect for special occasions, and the older I get, the more I realize that there are so many freakin special occasions to get dressed up for …someone’s always getting married, having a birthday party, celebrating a baby….it can be fun, but you’ll need plenty of outfits.




I can’t decide but my favorite has to be between the dress at the top right and the one at the bottom right. So pretty. Which one is your favorite?

Back to School Outfits

Back to school outfit

Time to get back to hitting the books! Well, for some of us. I successfully completed college (circa 2010) and now I’m freeeeee! Lol. Since some of you are heading back though,  I thought it’d be fun to do a blogger collab with some great girls and base our looks on those well-known highschool stereotypes

First up is Bianca from The In Between Girls showing us her “Teacher’s Pet” inspired look. Than we have Lisa from her self titled fashion & photography blog, Lisaa Linh, sharing her “Little Miss Popular” inspired look.

And finally, I have for you my ” Artsy Nerd Girl” look. Notice the lack of smile…..I really went for the ‘too alternatively cool’ to smile thing. Lol. I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you guys like it!

Let me know which stereotype you can relate to the most!






Boots: Thrifted| Joie Cardigan: Joie Sample Store| Rolled Jeans: Last Year Forever 21| Belt: Thrifted| Hair Color Clip-Ins: Sally Beauty Supply

Cute Little Tattoos

Whenever I find a deal on something cool, fashion, or fun, you can be sure I’ll share it here. Us broke girls have to stick together….Lol. How else are we going to look cute without maxing out our credit cards?! Now on to today’s budget-friendly find.

When it comes to love, I’m a ‘forever & ever’ kind of girl, a true hopeless romantic. But when it comes to tattoos, that’s a pricey commitment I can’t full-heartedly make or afford. But does that mean I have to miss out on all the cute little body art designs?


Nope! Temporary tattoos have just reached a whole new level thanks to They offer some of the coolest temporary tats. And they’re not just for grown-ups. In fact, the whole concept began with a mom wanting to create better looking, high quality temporary tattoos for her daughter to enjoy (There are lots of kid-friendly designs on the site).

So if you like the look of tattoos but you don’t want one that’ll last FOREVER, these are perfect. Or even if you’d really like to get one but don’t have the money yet, you can enjoy some affordable temporary designs in the meantime.

Did I mention the price tag? You get 2 tattoos for $5!! Crazy awesome or crazy awesome?

Credit for All Images: Tattly


tattly_stina_persson_floral_flourish_web_applied_05_grande tattly_lila_symons_just_focus_web_applied_01_grande tattly_wesley_stuckey_bug_study_web_applied_01_grande

I’m going to be buying a set soon but I’m having trouble deciding! Let me know if you end up buying any and which one you think I should get :)



Money Saving Monday!

Affordable Shoes1. Paprika Shoes on eBay| 2. Anna Kastle eBay Shop| 3. ModDeals Flats

I am not rich. Lol. But that’s okay because mo’ money mo’ problems right?….right? Ha…maybe. What I do know is that there are some amazing fashion blogs out there with outfits that cost as much as my monthly grocery bill. I was talking to my friend Joi about it and she was saying how tiring it is to click on links to pieces that cost hundreds of dollars.

Who can afford that?! Not me. Case in point, when I first spotted the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Cat flats. I thought they were so cute. I had to have them. Then I googled them. $595? Dream over. But today, I am happy to share with you the most affordable options out there for kitty cat flats!

Let me know your thought on this new posting topic. Would you like to see more ‘I can’t afford that!’ posts?



Tommy Hilfiger Event

Tommy Hilfiger SurfMy first official blogger event! I was beyond excited when I was invited to the Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack blogger preview. I’ve been working on a web project most weekends so it was nice to have a little break and head to the beach.

I love that they decided to show this collection via traveling bus! Preppy + beachy isn’t the most common combination but they work well together. Everything was as cute and comfy as the stuff you imagine wearing on a sunny summer day but with a more classic look.

I had a lot of fun trying things on and chatting with fellow shoppers. And I’m dying to show you the jumpsuit I got! I was a little nervous trying it on, I knew it would be a major win or a major fail.

I’m really interested to see what you guys think about the new summer pieces. Check out the collection and let me know your thoughts! Surf Shack Collection

P.S. Photo credit & love go out to my awesome boyfriend. He writes, acts, produces and still makes time to help me do what I love! You can learn more about his adventures in the world of entertainment by visiting his FB page: William Camacho



Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan



TommyHilfigerSurfShackNordstrom Striped Dress: Here (Currently on Sale!)| Nordstrom Rack Wedges: Similar

The Basics


“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.”  ~Confucius

Today marks the beginning of a blog revamp! A lot of changes have already taken place but I think the  next few weeks will be filled with plenty of tinkering. A blog is a reflection of it’s author and so as it’s author grows and changes, the blog tends to follow.

I feel a lot of great changes coming as I approach my 25th birthday. It’s a few months away still but things are shifting in a way that makes me even more excited for the future. Good things are in store for us all.