Beauty Bandit: Megan Fox Beanie Look

Instagram: MsLoveNiki

Let me just start off by saying, I do NOT look like Megan Fox and I never will. That’s okay with me. The Beauty & Style Thief category is about having fun and recreating looks I like (trying mostly to use things I already own).

There are 3 key things needed to recreate Megan’s look: A beanie, eyebrow powder, and a curling iron. Any color beanie works but I’d definitely like to try this look again with a black one (c’mon pay day!). If you don’t have thick /full eyebrows like Megan, you’re going to want to fill them in. I used a matte dark brown eyeshadow on mine. Thick brows will call attention to your eyes and add glam to this look.

Lastly, time to get your curl on! Part your hair down the middle. Even if a middle part isn’t flattering on you the beanie will hide it and allow you to have even amounts of hair on both side of your face. Using a 1”-2” curling iron, depending on hair length, grab big sections of hair and curl them for about 4 seconds. Separate the curls with your fingers, tousle them a little and….done!

Do you like wearing beanies or hats? And what celeb look would you like to see replicated? You can email me or comment with your suggestions :)