Halloween Costume: Maid

Costume IdeasTime for another costume for our Halloween month! I dressed up as a maid a few years ago and have had this outfit just sitting around in a closet. That’s actually what made me think of another way to save money for Halloween.

Costume swap! You may be completely over what you wore last year but what about all the cute costumes your friends wore? You can even use pieces from each other’s costumes to create something entirely new.

What old costumes do you have hanging in your closet?

Maid Outfit

Halloween Costume maid

French Maid


Easy HP Costume Idea!

Harry PotterThis month’s theme is…Spooky Halloween! There will be some posts outside of our theme but for the most part we are going to have tons of fun talking about all things spooky and Halloweenish!

To start us off, I wanted to share a simple halloween costume idea for all the HP fans out there. I love Harry Potter! And as you probably know, finding an HP costume is pretty easy to do online. But! I was able to create this look without spending any money ;) And I can actually wear the pieces once Halloween is over.

My tie is an official Gryffindor tie that I’ve had for awhile, I think most fans will have at least one piece of merchandise to work with. Lol. I listed my outfit details & affordable buying options for everything else I have on at the bottom of the post!

What are you planning to be this Halloween? And can you believe the prices of costumes these days? Yikes.

Halloween Costume

Harry Potter Costume

Costume IdeaWhite button up: Similar| Target Knee socks: Here| Black Heels: Similar| Cardigan: Similar

You can also check out my Lara Croft look here: Tomb Raider Style

Beauty Bandit: Hunger Games Catching Fire

Hunger Games Catching Fire



Yay! I finally got a few snapshots of my Katniss look! BUT…I didn’t have the good camera :( Lol…life huh? I thought it’d still be fun to share this look and than maybe reshoot it with an outfit inspired by the movie! That would be pretty cool. I’ll see what I can do ;)

I’d really love to hear from you pretty ladies out there! Send in photos or links of looks you’d like to see recreated! Email me at Niki@LoveNiki.com or post the look on my Facebook Page :)

Hope to hear from you girls!

Renaissance Faire Outfit

RenaissanceFaireThis outfit was inspired by…..the renaissance period! I love the renaissance faire so much. The costumes, the axe throwing, the everything! I was able to rent my costume there but I did purchase the furry hood shown above from a very creative and talented vendor. She made it out of ugly old sweaters, cool huh? This faire runs until Sunday May 19th and is located in Irwindale, CA. If your interested in going CLICK HERE for more info and to buy tickets. It’s definitely worth the price of admission!




Lara Croft Tomb Raider Inspired Look

I love doing style thief posts. They’re creative and I get to dress up…. that’s an ideal day in my book. This look was inspired by a not-so-typical and not-so-real celebrity, Lara Croft. The badass tomb raider hottie.  No, I’m not a gamer but style inspiration can literally come from anywhere.
I saw a commercial featuring Lara’s new look and felt compelled to recreate it. If you wipe off my fake blood and lose my pseudo war wound bandages, you actually have a very wearable everyday outfit. And to me, that is one of the coolest parts. Most of my outfit was thrifted or already in my closet but I created a set with items to help you recreate the tomb raider look.
I really want to start doing more style thief posts and show you how to get the looks you love from movies, tv shows, magazines and anywhere else you can find inspiration. You can send me looks you want to see recreated via email: Niki@LoveNiki.com or leave a comment on my Facebook page: Facebook.com/MsLoveNiki
TombRaiderInspiration LaraCroftTombRaider
Here are a few pieces to help you recreate this look:Tomb Raider Inspired Set

River Island crop top
$28 – riverisland.com

Charlotte Russe lacer boots

Forever 21 zipper bag

Forever 21

Forever 21 woven belt

Fashion Tales Ep. 1

I’m working to add a creative fashion element to the blog. I love the idea of using fashion in an imaginative way. There are lots of fantasy fashion ideas and creative concepts that I want to share with you! Subscribe to my youtube channel youtube.com/LoveNikiTV so you don’t miss out on any videos!

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