About Me:

I’m Niki,  a 26 year old L.A. Native. I recently got engaged and couldn’t be more excited to be marrying my best friend! He’s the most amazing person in the universe. Seriously.

I’m a major foodie, although I’m now focused on getting into tip top shape for the wedding (and honeymoon! Lol). If you’re a recovering foodie, don’t worry… we’ll reminisce about the taste of ice cream together as we get in shape!

Aside from that, you should probably know that I’m a huge fan of the following: Harry Potter, LOTR, Legend of the Seeker, Cats (especially my own), Tea, Arts & Crafts, and Costumes. I also love to learn & try new things, work on creative projects, and travel whenever the budget allows it. I work a typical 9 to 5 but plan to win the lottery soon.

About the Blog:

Love, Niki is a personal blog, which means becoming a reader is a lot like becoming my real-life friend. You’ll join me on my daily adventures, hear my thoughts on just about everything, and you’ll get to experience the world through Niki-colored goggles. It’s going to be awesome.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my life!


Facebook: Facebook.com/MsLoveNiki

Youtube: LoveNikiTV

Twitter: @MsLoveNiki

Instagram: MsLoveNiki


25 thoughts on “ABOUT

      • well, I started it about a year ago but I have times when I neglect it a LOT! so it is slow, I’m working on a makeover tho, hopefully I can take better care of it, as I really love reading blogs and blogging myself!

        Let me know if you have any advice! :)

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