Style Spotlight: Jessica Alba

phillip lim  Boom Sweater

Jessica Alba FashionPhillip Lim’s Boom sweater is adorable with just the right amount of nerdy charm. When I spotted it on Jessica Alba I fell in love and tried to snag one online early Sunday morning. No luck for me but I did start to notice how cute Jessica’s outfits usually are.

I really like that she dresses like a normal person. She seems to prefer kitten heels, boots, and other sensible shoes which is…refreshing. I don’t know when heels became the epitome of fashion. Yes, I know they look good and can be fun to wear but all day every day? No thanks! Lol

So which look is your favorite and where would you wear it?

I’d really like to wear the peach/coral blazer outfit to a dinner date :)

Jessica Alba Style

Jessica Alba Outfits


13 thoughts on “Style Spotlight: Jessica Alba

  1. I have to actually GO to a target to get the mini satchel I want… Of course it can’t be online!! The sweater is SUPER CUTE!!! <3 I want one.. but right now I'm being cheap and 34 dollars isn't in my price range.

  2. Jessica Alba has always been an idol of mine but I’ve never really notice how great her fashion sense is before! Wow, she nails it in all of these looks. Total perfection.

    xx Alison

  3. I totally have Jessica’s style envy. I can see myself wearing all of the fabulous outfits, but my fave would be the fun pop art ‘Boom’ sweater, and love how it takes center stage against the bold background colors. Great post.

    XOXO Nensi

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