Inspiration: Keep Going.


Tuesdays are typically inspiration and happy thought days around here but this week has left me in need of an extra dose. I’ve been super wrapped up in a particular thought, what I’m I going to do with my life?!?!

The quote above reminded me that life is a continual journey. We have to keep pushing forward in order to discover more about ourselves and our calling in life. Honestly, I wish it was simpler. I wish someone would hand me a roadmap and I would know that all I had to do was follow it. But that’s not what life is about.

I also found a little peace after reading an article on Psychology Today’s website. Now this isn’t going instantly solve your problems either but it’s a nice reminder of …the bigger picture. ARTICLE LINK

How are you doing when it comes to choosing a career? Feeling confident in your decisions thus far? Or are you debating switching majors or heading back to school to pursue something else? Let me know in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Inspiration: Keep Going.

  1. You’re right…It’s a continual process. Several of my friends are returning to school. Me? I hated school. I’m choosing to just let what I learned move me into the right career. Today I run a homeless shelter and work as a therapist. In a few years I might move into a completely different role in this world. It’s all about where you’re called and what makes you tick. Choosing a major is a big decision because it costs a lot of money. But like my mom said, “you can always quit a job. you can always change a major. you can usually start afresh if you change your mind” – for some reason that brought me significant peace. I wish you well on your journey!

    • I love that your allowing life to just…flow. That can tricky at times because so many of us want to control everything, especially our futures’. And while it’s important to set goals and work hard, i definitely think that letting life “happen” can be good for the soul.

      It’s sort of like the serenity prayer. Change what you can, forget what you can’t, and always be smart enough to know the difference!

  2. For the longest time I was extremely unsure of what career I wanted, and with the help of the company I work for, I was able to move around and try different positions until I found the one that I loved and excelled in. I’m now doing marketing and absolutely love it. Don’t give up hope, you will eventually figure it out. I think it just takes a lot of patience and determination. :)

  3. Though we may not be, or feel that we are in ‘the place’ where things and life make sense; where all is settled..? The peace that this may bring is ours wherever we are. The cliché that life is a journey not a destination seems unavoidable in my response to your shared words. When I meet people who have held the same job, lived in the same house, been married for… a number of years… I am somewhat in awe. Yet at the same time, would you wish to have everything decided and laid out, army style timetable? Having spent a little time in the army, every plan changes during its’ execution and from this we adapt, overcome and grow. Isn’t growing great?

    • Indeed, life is a journey. If only it wasn’t so easy to forget that. Right now, more than anything, I’m just seeking the right direction to head. Can’t go on a journey if I’m not moving :)
      What about you? Do you feel confident in the direction you’re headed?

      • Thanks for the question. I’ve only just found it. I’ve no Internet at home, but will have next week! That alone is more than useful in my current direction. Right now I’m loving the majority of the path that I’m on. If I can continue to do s my journey will be great even though my movement may not take me many miles at all. Who knows, it all could change at any time.. Scary and exciting! Probably in the opposite order.
        As almost cryptic as my response is it remains accurate. I am very interested to hear more about your own direction….

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