Anthropologie Dresses

I love Anthropologie‘s whole vibe and style. Every time I walk into a store I feel like I won’t survive the day if I don’t buy something. Lol. But, the truth is, I can’t afford to fill my closet with all things Anthropolgie.  I can buy an accessory or something but even those things are higher priced.

On the brightside, they’re stuff  is seemingly high quality and therefore, at the very least, somewhat appropriately priced.

Now, let’s oogle these dresses! They’re perfect for special occasions, and the older I get, the more I realize that there are so many freakin special occasions to get dressed up for …someone’s always getting married, having a birthday party, celebrating a baby….it can be fun, but you’ll need plenty of outfits.




I can’t decide but my favorite has to be between the dress at the top right and the one at the bottom right. So pretty. Which one is your favorite?


8 thoughts on “Anthropologie Dresses

    • Have you seen there bed frame that looks like trees?! Their stuff is sooooo cooooool….Lol. Oooo and nice dress pick! I take it you’re a fan of classic cuts and colors?

      • yes, it looks so magical! I love walking through their store and looking at all the wonderful things they have. Yes, as I’m getting older I keep finding myself drawn to more classic pieces as I find they can be worn season after season whereas it’s harder to do that with some funner pieces. I also really like the colours and design on the top right dress. Oh what I wouldn’t do to have one of these dresses hanging in my closet.

  1. Sometimes for a dress of this quality it is worth it. With that being said don’t go out and buy one of these dresses every pay day but if you want a nice treat and want to splurge a little I see no harm. BCBG use to be my addiction when there stuff would go on sale, and the dress’s would last longer than some other stores. My favorite is the top right one, love it!

    • I bet that dress would look great on you! I love the colors and patterns. And agree, quality stuff last longer and is worth it but you have to be willing to commit to building your wardrobe up slowly and that can be tough for fashionistas on a budget.
      What’s the BCBG thing you bought? I’d love to see it!

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