Charity Auction & Dinner

Charity AuctionHave you ever seen or experienced something that made question your priorities? Saturday afternoon I attended a charity event to support my little cousin Natalia. Her story along with the stories of a few other disabled children were read to the crowd and my heart ached for them.

So young and fighting such tough battles and challenges. It made me question my priorities. How can I be so concerned with my clothes and hair when there’s other people out there fighting for the things I too often take for granted?

I’ve thought about this topic many times before and the biblical story of Ester tends to come to mind. The tale of one of the loveliest of girls who used her beauty not for selfish gain but to capture the heart of a king and save her people. Whether you’re religious or not, the story still presents an interesting concept. Perhaps, if you’re heart is in the right place than even seemingly superficial things can be used to change lives for the better.

True Love

Western Party

I know that that is my goal with this blog.

I also know that…. I loved learning about this amazing organization! This charity dinner and auction was for Carousel RanchCarousel Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing developmental therapeutic and recreational programs for disabled and disadvantaged children through horses.

Although the goals and benefits are different for every child, I was able to witness the joy it brought to all of the young demonstrators on Saturday night.

If you’re interested in learning more or donating please CLICK HERE!


4 thoughts on “Charity Auction & Dinner

  1. Thank you for sharing the biblical story. I’ve never read it until now (I grew up Buddhist) and I enjoy your take on it. I’ve been pondering that same topic as you and it’s held me back from making my blog until this summer. Why was I using my time to blog about a relatively superficial topic when I could be using it as a platform for making better changes in life? While I doubt my blog will ‘save’ anyone, I am now going to try to see how I can incorporate topics to contribute to the community. Super vague haha but I think I’ll start from there. My heart goes out to you, your little cousin, and everyone who is a part of Carousel ranch.

    • Thank you for your kind words! And I do hope you’ll allow yourself to explore the creative world of blogging, it sounds like you have such a good heart and I’m sure you’ll have a positive impact on other people’s lives regardless of what you end up doing! Btw, I stopped by your blog and really liked your laid back tuesday look. Makes me think of being at the beach for a bon fire :)

  2. Absolutely love this, I could not agree more that if your heart is in the right place your passion no matter how “superficial” it may seem can really be used as a tool to help those around you! I believe that’s why God give specific talents and passions to be people. They’re tools we’ve been given to improve this world!

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