Back to School Outfits

Back to school outfit

Time to get back to hitting the books! Well, for some of us. I successfully completed college (circa 2010) and now I’m freeeeee! Lol. Since some of you are heading back though,  I thought it’d be fun to do a blogger collab with some great girls and base our looks on those well-known highschool stereotypes

First up is Bianca from The In Between Girls showing us her “Teacher’s Pet” inspired look. Than we have Lisa from her self titled fashion & photography blog, Lisaa Linh, sharing her “Little Miss Popular” inspired look.

And finally, I have for you my ” Artsy Nerd Girl” look. Notice the lack of smile…..I really went for the ‘too alternatively cool’ to smile thing. Lol. I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you guys like it!

Let me know which stereotype you can relate to the most!






Boots: Thrifted| Joie Cardigan: Joie Sample Store| Rolled Jeans: Last Year Forever 21| Belt: Thrifted| Hair Color Clip-Ins: Sally Beauty Supply


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