Money Saving Monday!

Affordable Shoes1. Paprika Shoes on eBay| 2. Anna Kastle eBay Shop| 3. ModDeals Flats

I am not rich. Lol. But that’s okay because mo’ money mo’ problems right?….right? Ha…maybe. What I do know is that there are some amazing fashion blogs out there with outfits that cost as much as my monthly grocery bill. I was talking to my friend Joi about it and she was saying how tiring it is to click on links to pieces that cost hundreds of dollars.

Who can afford that?! Not me. Case in point, when I first spotted the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Cat flats. I thought they were so cute. I had to have them. Then I googled them. $595? Dream over. But today, I am happy to share with you the most affordable options out there for kitty cat flats!

Let me know your thought on this new posting topic. Would you like to see more ‘I can’t afford that!’ posts?




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