Crop Top Heat

Desert SkirtCharlotte Russe Floral Crop Top: Similar| Forever 21 Faux Leather Skirt

I took an extra outfit with me to the desert on Saturday. Little did I know that the wind would be so intense! On the bright side I was able to get one non hair whipped face photo. Lol.

I’m still really loving the high-waisted skirt & crop top look. I just saw Kelly Osbourne’s Cosmo cover and I’m feeling inspired by her version of the trendy look. I want to recreate it using this skirt, a bustier, and a cute button-up. Maybe I’ll try that this weekend :)

Hope you’re all doing well!

Lots of love,



8 thoughts on “Crop Top Heat

  1. Love, love the crop top. Nearly bought a similar one (but with a more tropical print on black) last summer and it’s really become one of those why-didn’t-I-buy-it?! regrets :) Anyways, cute outfit!

    • That tropical crop top sounds really cute. On the bright side, I think you’ll have a whole set of new crop top options this summer! I’m excited to see this years summer trends :) And thanks for the compliment<3

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