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outfitIdeas4Every Thursday I see the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag all over instagram and I started thinking about where LoveNiki started and where it is now. Sharing my passion for dressing up has been so much fun. I’m excited to come up with new creative photo shoots and put together more outfits :) I use to think it was a little silly to be passionate about dressing up, but there’s never ever anything silly about doing what you love and following your heart.

I hope you guys enjoy this mini LoveNiki fashion flashback!




14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

    • Thanks Sarah! And that’s a great way to put it! If you love it, it’s important. That means making time for it, putting effort into it, and simply just …enjoying what ‘it’ is! Lol

      • You’re so welcome! Most jobs, hobbies, etc probably started out as “not important” to most, but gradually as someone shares their passion the rest of the world begins to really see its value! I love you and your wonderful blog! <3

      • I’m having a lot of fun blogging and for the most part I love social media. I enjoy sharing bits of me whether it’s an outfit post, or what I’m loving now, or a new product. The best part is reading the comments and the feeling I get knowing that something I said or a picture I posted affected someone, or that others can relate or enjoy it. There are still times when I’m like “I still don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up!” Oh well, I’ll continue my journey and see where it takes me. Xo

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