WTW: For an Interview




SkirtButtonUp$6 F21 clearance skirt| Old Bamboo Heels from Burlington| Joie Striped Button-up| F21 Heart Bag

Interview style, day 2! Paired with the right top, a faux leather skirt can add the perfect amount of…of…. rawr! …to your outfit without making it look like you’re about to hit the club. My personal approach to interviews is to show them that I’m serious about the position but also show that I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suggest showing up in a mini dress and 6 inch stilettos, but let some of your personal style shine through.  You want them to see the real you. Maybe that sounds cheesy but I’m an eternal optimist and I really do believe it’ll all work out the way it’s suppose to.

Hope your hump day has been splendid. Let me know what you’re up to!




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