The Best Baroque Pants

BaroquePrint BaroquePattern SimpleFlats BaroqueStyleForever 21 Gold Flats: Similar| Forever 21 Satin Trim Blazer: Similar| Joie Top | Kohl’s Gold Baroque Pants 

Why are these the best baroque pants? Because, as I might have mentioned before….they were only $10 at Kohl’s! Since I dubbed February love month, I thought this week should be about doing what you love. In just a few months a lot of you will graduate from high school or college and there’ll be one thing standing between you and that dream opportunity, an interview.

Maybe it’s for an entry level job in the field you’re passionate about or an amazing summer internship. Either way, I wanted to help by sharing a few interview outfit ideas this week. First up, is a business look with a lot of personality. I think this outfit is great if you want to look sharp but also show that you are bold and different.

Do you have any interviews coming up? Do you love your current job?




10 thoughts on “The Best Baroque Pants

      • No interviews yet. I just finished my masters in civil engg. Its been a tough two years trying to do the course with 2 little kids. So I am taking a break from everything. I will start looking for a job next month.

      • Well many congrats on finishing your masters! Thats a heck of an accomplishment. Your little ones are lucky to have such a smart mommy!
        So I have to ask, with all that going on in your life what kind of outfit ideas are you most interested in seeing? Quick, easy and chic?

      • Thank you for the compliment. Although I dont think that I am that smart. Average. lol
        I love to look chic. I would love outfits that are affordable. I hate spending so much money just to look fashionable. I am not into anything crazy. i guess i like the classic styles.

  1. Those pants are too cute, and look amazing on you! Love how you paired them with dark colors on top. No interviews coming up for me, but that sure is a great way to leave a stylish impression if you are going to one.

    XOXO Nensi

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