Red Baroque Pants

Red Baroque PantsIt’s date night tonight! And it’s my first time wearing these red baroque pants. One of my awesome grandmas gave me a gift card to Kohl’s for Christmas and I was able to get these pants on clearance for only $10! I love when things I like are affordable. Lol. I’ll snap some photos of my full outfit later tonight to share with you guys.

What do you have planned on this rainy Friday?




12 thoughts on “Red Baroque Pants

      • I had a movie date with my bff. We saw “Mama”. Our hubbies aren’t fans of horror flicks so Natasha and I always have a great excuse to have girl time. Of course, the movie was followed by drinks. It is a Friday night after all … Thanx for asking. How was you Friday night?

  1. Awesome find! By the way babe.. I’ve joined facebook, If you have a Fb account please just search “Lifestyletea” and “like” if you enjoy my blog xx

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