New Year’s Eve Dress




IMG_1179_2Old Dress Coat: Similar| Forever 21 Stripe Dress: Similar| Black Kitten Heels: Similar

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It was freezing cold Monday night so although I had picked this dress out to wear I ended up in a pair of pants! But I was able to wear it out for a fun Korean BBQ date at ChoSun Galbee Saturday night. Mmmm….Korean BBQ….drooling. Have you ever tried it?

I hope you had a fun & safe New Year’s Eve! And I’m curious to know what you wore. Did you glam it up or bundle up in comfy casual clothes? Let me know :)




15 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Dress

  1. I celebrated by waiting 12 hours for the Sydney fireworks to start so I had to keep it simple and cool (temp wise) in a black peplum top, black trousers, and leopard flats! Love the dress, too bad it was too cold to wear! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. VERY nice! love the dress. You have a great shape too. You look good in heels too, not sure why you seem to prefer flats, but anyway, the dress looks great on you!

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