Do you heart it?

IMG_0262 IMG_0415 IMG_0417 IMG_0449


As you know, I didn’t think the Hobbit was the most exciting movie ever but I did have fun going out. My outfit was perfect for fighting the cold but still looking cute. I feel like I have to compromise on one or the other way too often. It did get a little extra chilly after sunset and decided to play around with Will’s new leather jacket.

I think girls will forever love their boyfriends clothes. Lol, What do you think?




24 thoughts on “Do you heart it?

  1. Yes!! I heart it&Do agree that even as women…we NEVER TIRE if 1st,r boyfriends clothes..then..r hubbys Jackets,biz shirts,ties,PJs,etc…God sure knew what he was doing in making men .lil bigger than women!! You take amazing photos Will&Niki,u r quite honestly,the Optimum in a Model!! Keep up the Great work!!

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