Look 1: Shades of Blue

Happy Tuesday lovely readers :)  Today I’m sharing one way to wear this week’s theme, “Blue Booties”. I paired my booties with a simple white Jessica Simpson dress. Basic colors like white, black and grey pair well with bright bold shoes. I wanted to tie the dress together with my shoes a little more so I added in my blue H&M coat . Although the coat is a different shade of blue it works well because it’s dark and a more subtle shade.

Stacy Kiebler wore a similar coat by Tory Burch that you can check out here and of course I have to cover my girls on a budget so here’s a very affordable but just as cute option for ya ;)  $29.99 Alloy Double-breasted Peacoat

And if your’re doing some very early Christmas shopping for the guy in your life, you can check out the blue Burberry coat Usher wore here. And when you realize that the Burberry coat costs more than your rent, don’t panic. I found you an affordable look alike from Old Navy: $50 Old Navy Coat.

How are you feeling about this week’s theme? What would you pair your blue booties with?




8 thoughts on “Look 1: Shades of Blue

  1. For a minute there I was thinking, “Girl, you’re crazy if you think I’m buying my man a Burberry coat! He’ll never wear it in LA and also they’re crazy expensive!”

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