What is Vintage?

Vintage usually refers to dated items from long ago that capture the style of a period in time. But…you don’t need to pay top dollar for a 50 year old dress to rock a vintage look. You can recreate that style by choosing the right pieces and focusing on the details.

I took new & modern Guess dress and heels, added the right details and tadaa! Vintage. Hair fascinator, gloves, earrings, clutch….and bam, I’m vintage. Easy right?

A big thanks goes out to my boyfriend William. He is an awesome photographer and we always have a blast when we shoot. I hope you guys like the look, I’d love to hear your thoughts!




16 thoughts on “What is Vintage?

  1. As I was looking through these pics I was wondering how you kept all that smile inside. From all the pics I have seen of you I have come to realize that you are a person that loves to smile (you always look so cheerful) and a beautiful smile you have too (is that even grammatically correct?). All I cud think was, “wait for it..wait for it..” …and there it was…that classic smile of yours. You are truly beautiful.

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