Bike Trail

Feather Dress Outfit

Feather Dress 2

Feather Dress

I decided that my indian feather dress from Forever 21 was a perfect choice for a casual stroll down the San Gabriel Bike Trail.




6 thoughts on “Bike Trail

  1. that’s really cute! Love the scenery you chose for the shoot. I agree $24 is pricey for a casual dress, especially for Forever21. I love that store I buy pretty much most of my dresses from there, unless it’s something like a big event (wedding, banquet, etc).

    Do you think silver, rustic, or gold accessories for the outfit?

    • It’s definitely a great store, sometimes it’s a little tricky finding things there though Lol. As for accessories rustic or gold would best, but if it’s just a simple pair of stud earrings than silver would work. Do you prefer gold or silver in general? I was also going to ask you what your favorite piece in your store is :)

      • I can’t seem to shop at the actual Forever21 store haha I always order online. If I do buy in store it’s because I was passing by and fell in love with something. I like either or :) I’m big on losing jewelry, so I stick to accessories that aren’t real and no real preference for metal colors. As for my favorite piece from my store it would have to be the Gold Rock Star Chains & Matching Necklace

        How did you like the earrings you ordered? :)

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